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Our Stargazing tour near Thessaloniki is a unique experience of one hour guided night sky observing tour with a modern Telescope. Every night, a mini bus drives you from selected hotels to our observing location for a journey to the Moon, Stars and Planets. Our observing place is in a wonderful Villa just outside of Thessaloniki, in the small town of Trilofos, a drive time of about 30 minutes to get away from the lights of the city.

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Astro-tours in Greece is the best way to explore the splendor of the starry sky. Combining our love for nature and Astronomy, we are organizing Astro-tours in Greece, guided journeys for small groups of people to the stars and planets. With our telescope as our compass, we will navigate a voyage to the universe to be remembered!


Astro-workshops, seminars about Landscape Astrophotography, is the result of years of involvement in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophotography. These two-days workshops include both theoretical presentation of tips, techniques and gear and hands-on practice in specifically chosen shooting locations for their exquisite scenery and low light pollution feature. All you need to do is pack your equipment and together we will learn how to shoot stunning night sky landscape photos.

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Who We Are. What We Do

We are George, Marc, Charalambos, Mado and Despina, a social Cooperative Company. Our passion for Astronomy and Landscape Astrophotography have led us to combine our talents to offer you unique Astronomy experiences and activities.

"Our driving force – teamwork.
Our main goal – customer satisfaction."

With the love and knowledge of Astronomy, the modern equipment of telescopes and deliberate planning we aspire to ensure the quality of our services and the best experience of our customers.

What People Say About Us

I have observed the stars together with a small group of friends in southern Rhodes. George was amazing because he took us to a wonderful travel throughout the Galaxy. We enjoyed watching the stars because George was sharing so much information with us, during this Astro-tour. I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone visiting Greece!

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It was a private tour to the stars with George. My experience watching the planets and the Moon with my own small scope was not very good, therefore observing the Universe with the guidance and the big scope of George was something totally different and amazing! Above all, i was thrilled with the view of Saturn through the telescope. Great and unique Astro-tour experience!

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Owner Bradshouse
I met George in a visit to north Greece with some friends and we decided to go for this amazing Astro-tour, star observing experience. This was beyond my imagination, because i could not think that we can see so many hidden treasures on the sky with a telescope. I saw many stars and nebulas, but I will never forget the rings of Saturn and the Andromeda Galaxy in the vast space!

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